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Snake Catcher

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Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation is a friendly and highly recommended certified snake catcher having undertaken their qualifications with a reputable organization which is recognized by the Department Environment of Heritage Protection (Qld Government), in addition having many years of experience and knowledge with handling and catching Venomous Snakes (Elapids) due to owning numerous species of Venomous Snakes (Elapids) as pets. We are also a registered wildlife carer.

Reliable and Trustworthy


Our Snake Catcher holds a Working With Children Blue Card, First Aid Certificate and $20m Public Liability Insurance as well as EFTPOS/ Credit Card facility for customers.


Please contact us should you require relocation of a Snake/lizard, Identification of a Snake, Roof/Yard Inspection or your pets enclosures snake proofed. ~0449922341~ 24Hrs 7 Days

​Our Guarantee


  • Professional

  • Friendly Service

  • Relocated away from homes and animals to an appropriate habitat

  • Efficient Service


Eastern Brown


(Pseudonaja textilis), often referred to as the Common Brown Snake, it is an extremly defensive, DANGEROUSLY VENOMOUS  snake. The colour can range from Brown to black, flame orange to silver in colour. 

Eastern Small Eyed


(Cryptophis nigrescens) is a black, with a cream to pink belly, often with blackish blotches. This snake is often confused with the red-bellied black-snake.  This snake is a HIGHLY VENOMOUS nocturnal Snake  

Marsh Snake


(Hemiaspis signata) is a species of MILDLY VENOMOUS snake which is found along the east coast of Australia. Easily identified by two distinctive narrow white lines on both sides of the face, The colour can range from pale olive to black top with a dark grey to black belly

—  6 May 2020



Amazing service. prompt reply and great guy to deal with 



​We service from Brisbane to Bribie Island, Samford, Dayboro and Surrounds. Please contact us and we will be sure to provide an efficient response .

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